Our Story

How it all Started 

Grace Cathedral was established and built upon the principles of sharing God’s grace to all men. Over 60 years ago Bishop Torrance W. Johnson founded Grace Cathedral establishing its ministry in the heart of Dallas, TX. After 57 years of serving and uplifting the community, Bishop Torrance W. Johnson went home to be with the Lord. However, in 2015 God saw fit to continue the ministry of Grace under the capable leadership of Pastor Nathaniel L. Green, Sr.   

Expanding the Vision...

Through Pastor Green’s teaching a new phrase was coined that “Everyone has a place in Grace.” This phrase quickly became the core of what our ministry teaches. The grace of God is not exclusive to any one man, woman, or denomination but through Christ it is available to us all.  Therefore, as we have RECEIVED grace, we should LIVE in grace, and GIVE grace.

We are on the steady path of Growth.

Under Pastor Green's leadership Grace has grown significantly but our concern is not only in growing numbers. We are more so committed to growing people and stretching their capacity to exude the grace of God wherever we go.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 am for Sunday Education And Training and 10:30 am  for Morning Worship.

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