Frontline Division 

Antoinette Dent 
Division Leader

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The Frontline Division is comprised of auxiliaries that formulate the first impression of Grace Cathedral. This division serves in a capacity to make guests feel welcome, make members feel at home, and to create an atmosphere where anyone can immediately sense God's love. 


As one of the pillars of our ministry, the mission of Outreach is to restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become all that God intends them to be, and partner with local non-profits to put Christian faith into action through service to the community, focusing on serving children, teens and families in the DFW metroplex. We serve people of all races, ethnicity, creeds, gender and orientation, carrying forth Christ’s message and spreading the gospel to the world.  

Nursing Home

The goal of our Nursing Home Ministry is to reach residents in adult care facilities with the love of our Lord, the Word of God & the offer of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord. It is our goal to share the Gospel with the residents of various senior care facilities who often have little to no family support. Our presence reminds them that they are not forgotten, and God’s love is not restricted to the walls of church. We provide devotional materials to encourage, empower and uplift not only the residents, but the staff & families alike. 


Greeters have the vital role of forming a visitor’s first impression of our church, and to some, their first impression of Jesus Christ. Their friendly demeanors and warm smiles go a long way in helping our visitors form a favorable opinion of our church and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Guests will quickly come to conclusions during the first few minutes of entering Grace, so the ministry of the greeters is one of the most important things that happens in the congregation!


The heart of an Usher is the heart of a servant. The Ushers serve as the “first representative” of Jesus Christ for a worship service. The organized & uniformed body of believers are responsible for ensuring the smooth order of service and are tasked with duties that impact the flow of service, providing an invaluable service to the church body. Ushers stand ready to assist in any capacity and aid as needed to the congregation. 


The home of marketing, branding, public relations, photography, audio/visual, and social media, the mission of the Communications auxiliary is to serve as the channel through which Grace Cathedral represents Christ on a local, national, and international level. This team strives to assure that message of Christ and Grace brand that is presented within the walls of Grace extends outward to the community. Communications serves as a vehicle through which unchurched persons may be able to find a church home and the unsaved may come to know Christ.


The Deacon Board is responsible for facilitating the ministry of the church by maintaining the grounds, assisting with ushering, safety & security, and other tasks that are intended to free the Pastor and the members of the ministerial team under his leadership to pursue prayer and the ministry of the word. The deacons serve the Lord and the ministry by assuring they are in complete harmony with the leadership direction of our Pastor and the vision of the ministry, helping to meet the needs of people in our congregation and community.


This auxiliary maintains the security of the church by opening and closing the buildings for regular church services and scheduled ministry meetings.  The security officer(s) provide oversight during Sunday morning services, scheduled weekly activities, and prearranged community activities. This includes monitoring of the parking lots and observing the sanctuary and church grounds.

Culinary and Hospitality 

The duties of the hospitality & culinary teams are to oversee tasks for members and guests to show the love of God through the gift of hospitality. They coordinate the needs for special guests and arrange meals for members during various life events, maintaining & managing the operation of our fellowship hall.


This ministry is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds. The Facilities ministry also oversees the upkeep of equipment and supplies,  scheduling repairs, and managing renovation projects.

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