That as recipients of God’s love and Grace, believers would commit to sharing that same love and grace with the lost until they come into the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Receive Grace ● Live  Grace ● Share Grace

The  5 Pillars of Grace


We are committed to enriching lives and increasing faith primarily through the Word of God


We are committed to a lively and powerful worship culture that greatly focuses on encountering God. The goal is to create a collision between heaven and earth as often as we gather.


We are committed to servicing and empowering those who may be less fortunate to live their best lives now.


We are committed to building a strong sense of fellowship. 
We understand that God
moves in fellowship as much as He moves in worship.


We are committed to discipling men, women, and youth to walk in God's purpose for their lives.

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