Problems Ignite Purpose

What breaks your heart? What gets you worked up? What can you talk about passionately for hours?

These are the questions that help us discover our purpose, & through the divine intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ he calls out to us & directs our steps. In our relationship with Him and our obedience to Him, He walks us into our purpose, into the Promise Land. 

God created each one of us for a time such as this, on purpose for a specific purpose that no one else can do the way you would do it. Our purpose is not confined to the four walls of the church, everyone is not called to the pulpit. 

The state of the education system may break your heart so your purpose could be in the classroom, lack of representation may get you worked up so your purpose is being in front of the camera, police brutality is an issue & you may have the ability to use your voice & your passion to organize & inspire movements. 

This word is filled with problems, so you have a purpose! 

God wants to & is ready to use you. Do not let your past, fear, doubt, guilt, shame, “unpreparedness”, or the opinions of others, allow you to disqualify yourself from being used & fulfilling your God-given purpose. 

If you don’t know your purpose, ask God to reveal it to you. If you know it & you feel like you are not prepared for it, it’s okay; God doesn’t want a know it all, He wants somebody who needs Him. Don’t walk into your purpose without God.

Problems ignite purpose, & mistakes build platforms. Your mistakes do not stop God from using you, He already knew you were going to mess up. Moses messed up, Adam & Eve messed up, David messed up, Saul messed up, Peter messed up, pretty much any Bible character besides Jesus messed up. 

So we have no excuses! Walk boldly into your purpose because You Only Live Once!

John 2: 1-11
Joshua 1:9

Preaching to myself,

Imani Nailah

Imani Brooks

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