What if God Took a Break From You?

“Nothing will make you pray like trouble. God is like if my word is not enough to get to you & suffering is the only way I can speak to you then suffer on.” - Pastor Nate Green
Really think about it, what if God was like “nah bruh everything is good over here so I really don’t feel like waking you up today or I don’t feel like making both of your legs work today or all that money you’ve been saving up I don’t want you to have it, it’s gone now.”

But He is so good that He gives us the wonderful & free gift of grace & pours out his love even though we don’t deserve it.

I do a family devotional with some of the women in my family & someone had asked why a certain person didn’t join & their response was that “they didn’t have time”. It breaks my heart when I hear people say they don’t have time for God, what I really wanted to say was ”God had time to wake you up this morning” lol but the Bible tells us not to condemn each other so instead I just said a silent prayer that God would make time for them.

“We can’t afford to take breaks from God.” Sometimes we feel like we don’t have time & sometimes we feel like life is so good that we don’t need him as much; I’ve been guilty of both.

The less time we spend with God, is more time spent in the world, more time spent in the world widens the gap between us & God.

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t want God to take a break from me, I love the life & the abilities He has given me. Even more so I don’t desire for Him to get His point across through suffering either.

However, even in our suffering & in our mistakes He causes all things to work for our good & His arms are wide open for us to return to Him.

So stay in God’s face!!!
Isaiah 10:4-27

Preaching to myself,

Imani Nailah

Imani Brooks

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